Tactical Planning

The table below lists several steps involved in tactical planning. For each step listed, indicate whether it is associated with the development or the execution of tactical plans.



Determine human resource needs



Specify the resources available



Monitor activities



Assess outcomes



Understand strategic plans



Use your knowledge of the development and execution of tactical plans to answer the following questions.

Which of the following factors are relevant for successfully executing tactical plans? Check all that apply.


Each decision maker must have the information and resources necessary for getting the job done.

The manager needs to evaluate every possible course of action in light of the goal.

Top management must be notified at each critical stage of the tactical plan’s execution.

The team members must be congratulated for each successful step.

The manager must monitor ongoing activities derived from the plan to be sure the results are as expected.

In your role as project leader for the organization’s involvement in the annual United Way campaign, you have planned a party to mark the end of the fundraising initiative.

What must you do to ensure the party is developed successfully?


Decide that an executive will deliver a thank-you speech at the party

Send out a calendar invitation so the party appears on everyone’s schedule

Include the party in the blueprint for the United Way initiative

Reserve the room where the party will be held