Make a essay using this outline and talk about how I went through hard times and came back and learned a lot from the situation and got better in life and learned.

I always played basketball as a kid and loved it. I’ve been playing it all my life and my dream was to always go to the nba. I was born in Boston and because of that I fell in love with the sport of basketball. I fell in love with the sport even more because of my dad and the celtics. We used to watch basketball games every night in my room. He taught me the game of basketball and I would play basketball every night until 12 in the morning when I had school the next day with my Celtics gear on, pretending I was an NBA player.

Middle School:
When I got to middle school I had just moved from Boston to Michigan and was starting a new chapter in my life. There was a 7th and 8th grade basketball team I wanted to try out for because since I was in middle school now, we had actual school teams I could play for. Growing up I was always super good at basketball and everyone could see it. I used to play for my ymca rec team as a kid and was always the best one. After I had moved to Michigan though, everything kind of took a turn. I ended up trying out both years but never made the team. Even though I knew I was better than most of the kids for some reason I just didn’t make it.

High School:
As soon as high school came around it started to get really serious. That’s because high school is where you have to perform the best so you can get offers from colleges to play basketball at a competitive level to maybe even get a chance at the professional level. When freshman year came I ended up trying out for the team but yet again I came up short and could not make the team again. I ended up trying to be a team manager so I could get to know the coaches better and up my chances for next year. I would still do everything that someone on the team would do like practice with the team, etc. But this would ultimately fail because I could not get along with my teammates and coaches. When sophomore year rolled around I was starting to doubt myself. I got a job as well at the time and tried out again for the team my sophomore year of high school. I once again did not make the team. When sophomore year summer came and covid stuck the world. We all went into quarantine and because of this I had a lot of free time. About a week after Covid happened and me and my friend were in my room and we were both talking about basketball and my struggles. He then told me don’t you want to be in the nba? What are you doing, you’re already almost a junior. You don’t have any time left, you need to start working. After he said this is when literally everything changed. I spent my whole summer and fall of Junior year working so hard. I would train every single day from morning to night. I would wake up at 7 am, train until 12 pm and then go home, rest and then go back at 3. Train until 6 and then rest again. I would then go and do weight training workouts from 8 to 10 at night and then sleep and repeat. I did this nonstop for about 7 months until covid was almost over and we went back to in person at school. I then was ready for tryouts and went to all the open gyms and conditioning beforehand. When tryouts came unfortunately I had a family emergency and had to leave town at the time of the tryouts. This made me very upset and I was debating everything and asking myself why I worked so hard for nothing and I was ultimately in shambles.

Senior Year:
When senior year came along is when I really started to give up. I had failed to make the team every year and when the year I trained so hard for, I couldn’t even go. But when senior year came around everything changed. We finally got a new coach and staff. Everything was now different with the team and because of this I finally made the team. After this everything started going well for me and I ended up being the most improved player, I won MVP of the conference and won the all state award. We went to the final four of states which we have never done and made history my senior year. I ended up getting some offers to division 3 schools but I ended up not going cause we moved to california and I ultimately did not want to pursue basketball. What I learned from this whole experience is to just always believe in yourself in God because you never know what he has planned for you and everything happens for a reason. He might have you fail non stop and in the end still have a different plan for you, even if you want something really bad. You have to stay true to yourself and him. This was one of the biggest events that probably has ever happened to m e in a long period of time but it’s definitely a story I want to share to my kids one day and maybe even at public speaking events.