Task 3: develop a business continuity plan 

Case study and report (2000 words equivalent)


In this task, participant is required to perform the followings: 

  • Study the assessment of a company from newspaper reports which suffered from a recent cybersecurity incident and caused significant disruption to the organization. Read two relevant articles below: 

An approach to cyber resiliency: unifying cyber security incident response and business continuity (continuitycentral.com) 


  • “Business Continuity Management: Preparing a Business Continuity Plan, Oz Saddlery (example)” prepared by the Queensland Government.



  • Describe the environment the organization operates in and develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to be able to cope with any recur of such attack/incident in the future.
  • Include Incident Response Plan (IRP), Business and Technical measures, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), Crisis Communication Plan (CCP), and perspectives on Legal and Governance.


The assessment is a case study and the drafting of a 2000-word equivalent report (+10% words are acceptable) about the use of appropriate business continuity plan to ensure the business described. In addition, it can ensure that critical business processes/operations can continue during a time of emergency.

 Please prepare a formal report, including the basic sections like introduction, body of the report, conclusion and references.