The assignment focuses on Tennessee Advance Directive for Health Care. Additionally, there is a description of Cultural attitudes, Beliefs About Death. So, you can choose your age for your obituary.

Tennessee Directive for Health Care – Cultural attitudes, Beliefs About Death

Firstly, this assignment is designed to give you an opportunity to work with some of the tools that we encourage our clients to use in making life choices, to help you address some of your own concerns and questions around death and dying, and help you to think about how you can make more meaningful choices about your life each day. Please give careful consideration and respond to all parts of the assignment. BE SPECIFIC. You can be as creative as you like. Your paper should be 7-8 pages not counting attachments. These include the Georgia or  form, cost sheets, obituary, and funeral program. Use APA format and at least three scholarly references.

Tennessee Directive for Health Care – Cultural attitudes, Beliefs About Death

To receive a superior grade on this project, you must meet the following criteria: Complete the form(s) for your state of residence: Georgia. This form will be provided for you. Create your written program of your service and attach to your paper. Write your obituary and attach to your paper. You can choose your age for your obituary and create your “future life”. Procure a complete funeral cost sheet (many students visit a local funeral home for this information) Write your paper including: A discussion of one macro concept of aging in America.

Tennessee Directive for Health Care – Cultural attitudes, Beliefs About Death

Include 3 scholarly references to support your discussion. A description of your funeral including  description of the service you’d like to have including type of burial or cremation, “visitation” prior to the funeral service open or closed casket, type of casket, vault, any special services, and burial location. Include your reaction to the costs involved. Memorial Table – Items that represent your life Now assume your funeral or memorial service was beautiful and went as you planned it. 


Detailed Instructions


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