The assignment discusses The activism of Bedouin women. Also, there is a description of Social and political resistance. So, the paper analyzes the feminist activity of these NGOs.

The activism of Bedouin women – Social and political resistance

Firstly, this paper examines several models of the feminist struggle of Bedouin women in the Negev region in southern Israel. Secondly, these women doubly marginalized: as women living under a patriarchal, male-dominated society, and as part of a discriminated ethnic (Arab) minority group in Israel. The presented findings based on my own triple status as a researcher of Bedouin women’s issues in Israel; a feminist activist in Bedouin women’s organizations (NGOs); and a Bedouin woman who herself suffers from and fights against discrimination. My findings on the feminist activity of Bedouin women’s organizations are based on my active participation in some of them.

The activism of Bedouin women – Social and political resistance

The paper analyzes the feminist activity of these NGOs in terms of three models: “reviving tradition,” “re-Islamizing patriarchy” and “rebellion.” My claim that these models modes of political action and social resistance. Feminist democracy suggests a different order of relationships among people. It suggests understanding socioeconomic, ideological, cultural hierarchies of rule (like those of class, gender, race, sexuality and nation), their interconnectedness, and their effects on disenfranchised people within the context of transformative collective or organizational practice. In formulation of feminist democracy, agency is theorized differently.

The activism of Bedouin women – Social and political resistance

Additionally, women do not imagine themselves as victims or dependents of governing structures. So, but as agents of their own lives (Alexander and Talpade-Mohanty, 1997:xxviii). The main contribution of postcolonial feminist dialogue with regard to assessing the actions of women in postcolonialist and patriarchal societies rupturing the previously uniform category of “all women and any women.” The feminist postcolonial dialogue recommends that gender concepts also be examined in relation to additional categories, such as ethnicity, status and culture.

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