Agency Report #1: The Agency and its Clients

Purpose & Goals:  A description of the purpose and goals of the agency or particular program with which you are involved.  Identify relevant social problems and public issues the agency targets. 

  1. History:  How many years has your agency existed?  Describe any major changes that have occurred.       
  2. Client System:  What are the general characteristics and needs of the population group served by the agency or program?  Who is eligible to receive services?  Are there restrictions on age, gender, or other factors?  Does your agency explicitly state that it will not serve certain problems or clients?
  3. Services:  What services does the agency provide to achieve its purpose?
  4. Budget:  What is your agency’s annual budget?  Where does the money come from?  Is it private or public?  Do clients have to pay?  If not, does some other agency pay for them?  If the services are free of charge, where does the agency get money for payroll and operating expenses?
  5. Staff & Agency Structure:  Describe the organizational structure of your agency at its local level.  Structure should include local staff titles as well as the administrative structure up to the top level decision makers.  Include an organizational chart (in PP or additional handout).  How many people work at your agency? Identify staff positions and roles of volunteers. 
  6. Social work roles and responsibilities:   Is social work the primary discipline? What are the roles most frequently utilized? What are the general tasks and responsibilities, etc.?
  7.  Social work values:  What social work value(s) does the agency demonstrate that stands out the most to you and discuss how you see it applied within your agency (areas of policy, practice, staff interactions with clients)?

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