The Bullitt Center (LBC certified) and it’s relation to WELL certification and SDGs (17
sustainable development goals).
● Selecting LBC and WELL certification as organizing your investigation. This is your initial
● Expand or focus the investigation based upon the project type, being succinct and clear in the
questions you will ask. Further develop the questions for investigation informed by your
professional goals and interests
– Interest: health and wellness within the built environment.(interior, building, urban
● Case Study Demographics (project, size, date, design/arch firms)
● Certification (if achieved)
● Aspects of the project that are strong contributors to the health and wellness of the user
● Aspects of the project that could be strengthened, expanded, or added to enhance health and
wellness outcomes.
● What have you learned that you want to carry forward into your own work?
– own work: (Urban design)
● The point here is to expand everyone’s idea about health and wellness projects.
● You will craft a position on the effectiveness of the project with regard to health and wellness for
people and the environment. Include lessons learned, missed opportunities, and
recommendations as appropriate to the rating system. Examine the environment as
● The written document should be carefully organized, include a title page and a table of contents,
as well as a complete reference list in an appropriate style (APA style). The paper is written in
prose though bullet points may be used as appropriate and images, data, and supporting
graphics as appropriate.