The assignment focuses on The effects of c-Myc suppression. Also, there is a description of cellular senescence in tumors. So, you are required to explain what cellular senescence is.

The effects of c-Myc suppression-cellular senescence in tumors

The effects of c-Myc suppression leading to cellular senescence in tumors Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details A large bulk of the research would be explaining the topic for example what c-Myc is/does, what cellular senescence is/does, what causes c-Myc suppression and what pathways are causing/affecting this, what organelle(s) does all of this occur in. Which signalling proteins involved and what does this do to tumour growth. Lastly, we are to propose an experiment (objectives, methods, results and discussion) to test all that was just explained and the potential results. Also what significance would it be to the research? I have attached examples of how it should laid out. Age-related diseases are illnesses and conditions that occur more frequently in people as they get older, meaning age is a significant risk factor. 

The effects of c-Myc suppression-cellular senescence in tumors

Cellular senescence, a permanent state of cell cycle arrest. Believed to have originally evolved to limit the proliferation of old or damaged cells. However , it has shown that cellular senescence is a physiological and pathological program. Contributing to embryogenesis, immune response, and wound repair. As well as aging and age-related diseases. Unlike replicative senescence associated with telomere attrition.  Premature senescence rapidly occurs in response to various intrinsic and extrinsic insults. Thus, cellular senescence has also considered suppressive mechanism of tumorigenesis. Current studies have revealed that therapy-induced senescence (TIS), a type of senescence caused by traditional cancer therapy, could play a critical role in cancer treatment. In this review, we outline the key features and the molecular pathways of cellular senescence.

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