Workshop 2: The Film Description

Write a 1 paragraph description of the opening scene, and a 1 paragraph description of the closing scene of The Red Balloon, using at least three terms (total) introduced in this week’s Course Notes.

When writing your description, keep in mind the following:

1. A scene is any sequence of a film that takes place in one location (or a series of closely related locations) with a continuity of time (ie, without jumps to “next day” or flashbacks, etc.)

2. Your description should include a discussion of how the film presents the story (its look) as well as of the story.

3. This week’s Writing Spotlight focused on the active voice, therefore that is what your grader will be looking at in your writing. Be sure to think about constructing your sentences in the active voice.

4. Describing a scene requires noticing more than the surface level of the images. Be sure to watch the scene in question at least twice before starting your review, and then rewatch it at least once after writing the review to be sure you got all the details right.

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