The form, function, and context of your genre Tango

You will research the form, function, and context of your genre Tango) and summarize your findings on your Wiki page. In essence, you will create a virtual lecture/demonstration about your genre (Tango).

FORM (Watch 3 video examples of the genre from Hofstra Media Services, the Lincoln Center Library, YouTube, or Vimeo) Describe the dance on a surface level–the movements, the number of dancers, the music, the spatial design, the mood, the costumes, the footwear etc.

FUNCTION (Read an interview of a current or former dancer in that style) CONTEXT (Read 3 reviews of past performances of the genre) Describe the function(s) of your genre. Who performs this genre? Why? What is the meaning behind the form? Has the function changed over time? How does a change in function affect the form and context?

Quick Response

Tango music originated among the African slave populations of Argentina and the European immigrants in the late 18th and the 19th History suggests that tango has its roots from vulnerable population and hence it is meant for the marginalized in the society. It was initially meant for leisure and a source of distraction. The function of Tango genre has changed over time. One evidence is the spreading of the genre to various geographical locations despite originating in Argentina. Globalization has influenced the change as well as the function of Tango. In the modern day, Tango has been criticized to promote violence and sexual attributes. Such allegations depict a shift from the intended purpose, and that is a source of leisure or distraction…

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