This assignment focuses on The Fornicating Sexton miracle analysis. There is also analysis of importance of sex In the miracle “The Wedding and the Virgin”.

The Fornicating Sexton miracle analysis : importance of sex

Please, make sure that you answer ALL THE QUESTIONS in a clear and structured manner. You need to submit them through turnitin by the due date. Also,late submissions will not accepted. It is important that you read the questions before you answer them.

1. In the miracle “The Fornicating Sexton”, do you consider the final result fair? What is the most important criterion: faith or behavior? 2. In the miracle “The Wedding and the Virgin” how is the Virgin Mary described and what are the implications or connotations of this description?

The Fornicating Sexton miracle analysis : importance of sex

3. Explain both the importance of sex in this miracle “The Wedding and the Virgin” and the amount of freedom that the groom has to make his decision 4. Compare the role of the Virgin Mary in “The Pregnant Abbess”, “The “Fornicating Sexton” and “The Wedding and The Virgin” 5. AfterreadingOfthatwhichhappenedtotheEmperorFrederickand Don Alvar Fañez, with their wives and Of what happened to a young Man on his Wedding Day, do you think that they provide the same message with regards to the role of women in society and if so, which one? 6. In the story Concerning that which happened to Saladin and a Lady, wife of a Knight in his service, how is the woman described? What are the values associated with sex? Also,is the female character different from the rest of the female characters of the stories that we have read so far? How?

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