The Future of Labor Unions

The Future of Labor Unions – Overview of the topic and how it relates to Union/Labor Management – Literature review – Summary of the key points/issues in the literature review – What you learned from the literature review and how it applies to current HR leaders -a minimum of 5 references The paper should be double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12cpi, with a title page and APA citation of references. Sources used for academic writing should be academically based, scholarly sources.

Quick Response

The role of the labor unions should be representing the safety concerns as well as the personal security issues that face employees and influence the employers. The labor unions help to guide and to advocate for the wages, working hours and conditions and other challenges that arise between the employee and the employer. The labor union has faced significant challenges in the past while advocating for the employees and better working conditions(Williams Sr., 2012). However, despite the challenges, I think that labor unions have a role to play particularly due to the rapid changes taking place globally due to globalization. The demand for labor unions by the employees continues to grow since they have less power when they act individually…

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