Through individual research, students will be asked to reflect on the impact of a specific athlete
activist (of their choice) in the gender equity domain. Was their style/approach effective in
advancing social justice in terms of gender? Your written assignment should differentiate
activism styles (intentional, passive, mirroring historical contexts) and their effectiveness. Be
sure to trace activism “styles” to differing life experiences of the athlete you examine. Reflect on
the legacy of the athlete.
 Content of the paper should include all elements listed in the rubric for this assessment
(in syllabus)
 Overview of athlete
 Activism Explained
o Tactics used; historical comparisons to other athletes/movements
 Influence of activism on gender equity
 Implications of activism and legacy (Your personal reflection, tie to course learnings,
theory if applicable)
 5 pages double-spaced minimum (reference page does not count toward page min), 12 pt
font, Times New Roman, header, page numbers, when citing sources utilize MLA/APA
formatting, include a reference page