Master Thesis Instructions


Research question: Is there a correlation between leadership and communication styles on employees’ organisational commitment within virtual teams?  


Research method: surveys  

The literature review has to include the following: – a complete literature overview, – a research question clearly justified and positioned in the literature, – a set of hypotheses and a thorough description of your empirical framework (that is, how you plan to test your hypotheses), or a thorough description of your observations and how they lead to your proposition.  


Furthermore, the literature review should contain the following literature research:  

– leadership

– leadership styles (transactional and transformational leadership)  

– communication  

– communication styles

– organizational commitment (affective commitment)

– virtual teams (what are teams, what are virtual teams, how are they defined)

– Gaps in existing theory


How the literature review will be evaluated

• Extent and scope of the literature review and quality of references:

• Does the literature overview appear to be comprehensive enough in terms of scope? Are the relevant strands of the literature covered extensively enough? Does the literature overview contain key references from relevant journals?  

• Ability to interpret and synthesize the literature and derive a conceptual framework.: