Prompt: The impact of normalizing alcoholism on society.
(Examples of social harms: domestic violence, early consumption of alcohol amongst adolescents, child abuse, sexual assult, alcohol-related crime, robbery, drunk driving, etc.)

o An expository essay is one that requires a student to research a topic, evaluate the research, and explain or clarify the topic in a clear and concise manner.
o The expository essay must be complete and logical. Evaluate the credibility of sources, as well as present a topic in a neutral manner, critically examining all aspects of the issue in a neutral manner. This is not an Argumentative Essay, but instead an essay that neutrally explains the topic.
o An expository essay is written from the third-person point of view. This means that personal pronouns such as “I” “me” “mine” “we” “ours” “you” and “yours” are not used.
o The structure of the expository essay includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. An expository essay must include: