This assignment explores The Importance of Innovation Architecture. On the other hand, it provides a description of companies supporting culture of innovation.

The Importance of Innovation Architecture-companies supporting culture of innovation

The Importance of Innovation Architecture. Paper details For this assignment, you will research the innovation architecture of at least three companies that are well-known for successfully supporting a culture of innovation. Write a 1,500-word paper that addresses the following. What particular elements of each organization’s culture, processes, and management systems and styles work well to support innovation? Why do you think these organizations have been able to capitalize on innovation and intrapreneurship while others have not? Based on what you have learned, what processes and systems might actually stifle innovation and intrapreneurship? Imagine yourself as an innovation architect.

The Importance of Innovation Architecture-companies supporting culture of innovation

What structures or processes would you put in place to foster a culture of innovation within your own organization? Innovation governance is primarily concerned with establishing processes and rules for accountability,  responsibility and decision making that will drive effective innovation in an organization. Without this clear accountability it becomes difficult to operate a strategically-guided process, as if your steering-wheel isn’t properly connected to your road wheels. However, there are many other considerations for innovation governance such as roles.  Responsibilities, prioritization, and managing complex initiatives across multiple functional areas, expertise, participation and contributions with internal and external organizational constituents. Include in-text citations to at least four reputable secondary sources (such as trade journals, academic journals, and professional or industry websites) in your paper.

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