Using Microsoft PowerPoint or similar presentation software, create a slide presentation that you would use to

 present to a group of citizens who feel jury trials are biased, unfair, and even sometimes rigged

. How would you attempt to convince the group that a trial by jury is a legitimate and time-tested process?

 Your presentation should, at a minimum, address the following. What are a suspect’s rights to counsel?

 Does having a lawyer provide fairness to the defendant? 

With all of the extensive media coverage today, especially in high-publicity cases, how can the court system find jurors who are uninformed about the case?

 Should finding people with no knowledge of the case be the goal? 

Are there other ways to eliminate, or at least reduce, juror bias? 

Your PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of eight slides in length. 

You must utilize either the Notes or Audio Narration feature of PowerPoint to include additional context and amplify the information for each slide. Use the Adding Audio to a PowerPoint document for instructions on how to add audio to your presentation.