This assignment focuses on Work-Health and safety management systems. There is also an analysis  of The importance WHS to organisations

Work-Health and safety management systems : The importance WHS to organisations

Information Paper – Essay

Report heading: The importance of work health and safety management systems

Critically review the literature on (WHS) management systems in Australia.

All parties must understand their roles and safety responsibilities in connection with WHS Act. There are online WHS act awareness training courses to help explain these obligations. The courses are self-paced and available for workers, managers and officers.

The importance WHS to organisations

WHS systems also require continual monitor, review and evaluation. Organisations must define metrics for measuring the effectiveness of their policies and implementation. These steps are necessary for the continual improvement of WHS management policies and risk management processes.

The importance WHS to organisations

Therefore, explain the six elements of a WHS management system. Besides, discuss the importance to organisations of having an effective WHS management system (as per Archer et al. textbook WHS: A management Guide):

Firstly, Management commitment and formal WHS policy and system
Secondly, Organisation – WHS personnel, a committee and employee representatives
Thirdly, Planning – identify objectives; allocate resources; define performance measures
Fourthly, Implementation – risk management procedure

The importance WHS to organisations

Fifthly,  Monitoring and evaluation
Sixth, Review and improvement

Risk management policies should provide written guidelines for defining WHS goals and target outcomes. These systems also need to establish the health and safety responsibilities of everyone involved in managing risks and hazards. This should define who is responsible for what area of risk and who reports to who in the event that risk mitigation is required.

As part of the above discussion, explain how the following duties in the Model Australian WHS laws are compatible with the WHS management system framework.
Act: section 19 – Primary duty of care
Act: section 27 – Duties of officers

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