This assignment focuses on The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation. There is also an analysis of concepts of financial information

The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation : concepts of financial information

405.1 – Comprehend concepts of financial information and how decisions and strategy are based on analysis


True business strategic planning and decision making rely on distinct organizational financial data analysis. Critical to healthcare strategic planning and implementation, financial data analysis leads to proper allocation of finances. Also, Financial information provides an accurate picture of an organization’s condition and operating results. Then, utilization of financial information, such as financial metrics, are essential tools in the process of strategic benchmarking, goal setting and risk-management analysis and assessment. Besides, financial performance ratio analysis indicates whether the company is improving or deteriorating.

Financial analysis, leading to strategic development and planning, utilizes concepts and data points such as internal and external examination as found in a SWOT analysis, value-chain analysis, balanced scorecard and trending past and present financial performance. The potential for present and future success hinders on the strength of the association between organizational performance and strategic objectives.

The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation : concepts of financial information


In writing a case study analysis, you will determine an organization of interest within the healthcare sphere. Also the organization should be large enough that its financial information is readily available on the internet. Some options that you may choose from are:

The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation and Affiliates – Their Consolidated 2017 Financial Statement

You will research the relevant company data, including financial data from the Internet and perform a SWOT analysis and financial ratio analysis for the selected companies. From there, you will make recommendations.

The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation : concepts of financial information

Firstly, begin by introducing the organization. Secondly,in the introduction, outline briefly what the company does, how it developed historically and what financial problems it may be experiencing. Next, in the strategic analysis section, do a SWOT analysis and analyze and discuss its structure and financial metrics. Analyze and calculate the financial performance ratios through utilizing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as the balance sheet and income statement (try searching for these terms in Google attached to a particular company, for instance, “balance sheet Amazon”). 

Detailed Instructions


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