Book name: The Kingdom of Matthias 

Author: Paul Johnson and Sean Wilentz

For this assignment, you will need to create a newspaper (sort of like a National Enquirer!) from Matthias’ era, and write articles about him, his followers, and the debacles they got into.  

This is NOT a book report!  

Within your articles, answer the following questions:

1) What kinds of people followed Matthias?  (use examples from the book)! 

2) What was Matthias’ childhood like?  (Just childhood, not after he grew up!)

3) What did Matthias’ think about women?

4) What happened when he met Joseph Smith?

5) What was the story about Elijah and raising his dead wife?  (creepy, that!) 

6) Who were the Folgers and what was their role in “the Kingdom”?  


Here are the instructions for this project:

Your newspaper needs to be at least 3 pages, go for around 1500 words. You do not need a works cited page because your information needs to come directly from the book.  No outside sources or you will lose points! 

Use the present tense for the most part (except for Matthais’ childhood); write like you’re in 1840 or so, writing about events that are just happening or have recently  happened.   

Remember, these are articles, not short answers out of a book report.  Make them interesting and gossipy while still being accurate!  

No specific format (APA, MLA, etc.) required, simple text format in word document will work.