The main board has given you the task of coming up with a set of recommendations to improve management practices in order to improve service performance. Analyze the theoretical issues behind the problem. How can theory and related concepts be used to improve practice? What recommendations will you propose to improve practice?

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Contextual Position:

You are working for a main contractor or sub-contractor. The main board has identified a growing gap between provision and the demands of clients and other stakeholders in the marketplace. The main board has also recognized that this is a problem among competitors too. The problem is recognized as being a service rather than a technical or technologically based problem.


Theoretical issues that exist include the adoption of innovative ideas. Such should be tackled ethically with the aim of producing results without going beyond the strategized methods ethically. The renovation will assist in overcoming the gap through identification of strategies to dealing with the problem before the competitors. Innovation will lead to improved coordination in the supply chain as well as other relationships within the organization…

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