The Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine both had an enormous influence on development and recovery worldwide in the post-war years. In this assignment, you will create an interactive timeline of how those influences played out in one area of the world.

Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment.

Choose a country that interests you and that was affected by the Marshall Plan and/or the Truman Doctrine after World War II.
Using information from your textbook and outside sources as necessary, research the major events and developments in your country or region after 1945 and how they were influenced by the Marshall Plan and/or the Truman Doctrine.
Use the software platform of your choice—this article (Links to an external site.)includes some options, or you may use Word, PowerPoint, or other software you have access to—to create a timeline that combines visual and textual elements and includes the following:
At least six major events or developments.
A brief description of each event or development, including the role the Marshall Plan and/or the Truman Doctrine played in it and how that event or development was connected to the other events on your timeline. Each event or development should also have an image or other visual element associated with it.
A 100-word synopsis that summarizes how the Marshall Plan and/or Truman Doctrine influenced the country or area’s post-war development.