1. Organization: Choose an organization, a multi-national (not your own), either business corporation or non-governmental organization(NGO),with the objective of learning about the “cross-boundary” issues and challenges that it currently faces or has faced, or that it may face, based on its characteristics.

You must conduct an academic research based on the course information and external peer-reviewed journals to address one of the below topics.

The multi-cultural and multi-national characteristics of this organization in its international operations.

The multi-cultural characteristics of its domestic operations (wherever it happens to be based).

Differences in organizational and professional “culture” that it faces.

How this organization has succeeded in overcoming, cultural barriers in addressing cross-boundary issues of the kind covered in this course.

  1. Leadership: Choose a leadership situation of interest to you, and investigate the “cross-boundary” challenges that characterize it. These leadership problems might include such situations as:

Forming and leading a multi-national project team.

Managing a department within an educational institution or corporation.

Merging two organizations, or acquiring an organization

Creating a “corporate culture.”

In studying this problem, you should investigate how various societal cultural differences and organizational/professional cultural differences might affect it, and the “cross -boundary” communication problems, ethical issues and values conflicts encountered.


As this is a research paper, you must have at least three references for each section of the project.  You may have more references, however, fewer than three references will lead to loss of marks for your final grade.

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