The Origin of Hong Kong 2019 Movement, from structural and agency approach

Some readings: Julia Strauss’ reading on political performances Julie Butler power of the non violence Renrec aesthetic of politics Tackle why there’s a 2million people protest which is not often happening in history from the structure and agency approach. Agency problem- 1. the official’s incapability. they are civil servants and they aren’t trained to face angry people like politicians do. Bad performance (ie wrong choice of word, saying suspend the law but not withdraw, the chief executive said she is a mother educating disobeying kids (the protestors), however the kids are more disobeying than she thought, the chief executive has less repertoire (can discuss about what she got) ….) not fulfilling their actions and pleasing anyone no matter to the people or to the Beijing government 2. The protestors framed their actions well, clear objectives (ie five demands) and slogans Hk structural problem- 1. Socio-economic problems (lack of land supply, housing problem…) 2. Post modern problems (five demands, free and real election 我要真普选), ending one party politics in china… not out of materialism (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Yin Haiguang the meaning of life 殷海光 人生的意义) 3. Identity crisis, from british ruling to 1997 handover to later (hk is special administrative region of china, one country two systems, from self identifying as chinese to 2010s chinese tourists overwhelmed hk and bad behaviour in hk, Chinese government’s actions, people started to question about their identity and developed something new These new ideas are come from deprivation theory? The problems were always there, why they are widely recognized all of a sudden and there’s a protest? Does the nature of government, a democratic society can nurture these ideology? (Institution factor) Literature review compare different theories ie rational choice theory, institutional theory, structure and agency, collective action frame…Is the structure and agency problem a loop, agencies keep creating structural problems to be solved… is there exception for the theory… Detailed discussion with sources like news paper, article.. chromatically or thematically?