This paper focuses on The Persistence of white Supremacy. There is also a description of  Contemporary Crisis. So, Why the coronavirus is killing African-Americans more than others.

The Persistence of white Supremacy : Contemporary Crisis Paper

Final Paper Topic: The Persistence of white Supremacy in Contemporary Crisis Paper details

 Dear Writer, This is a Political Philosophy course. This is a final paper and there will be no revision or second draft. So, please do your best to complete a quality and strong paper with strong arguments. Jamelle Bouie claims in his Sunday Review of the NYTimes (April 19, 2020) article titled,  “Why the coronavirus is killing African-Americans more than others. The Racial Character of Inequality in America” that “If black Americans are more likely to suffer the comorbidities that make the coronavirus more deadly, it’s because those ailments are tied to the segregation and concentrated poverty that still mark their communities.

The Persistence of white Supremacy : Contemporary Crisis Paper

What’s important to understand is that racialized inequality isn’t a mistake – it isn’t a flaw in the system. It reflects something in the character of American capitalism itself. A deep logic that produces the same outcomes, again and again. American capitalism did not emerge ex nihilo into the world. It grew out of existing social, political and economic arrangements, toppling some and incorporating others as it took shape in the second half of the 19th century. White supremacy was one of those arrangements.

Whiteness, the philosopher Charles Mills notes, underwrote “the division of labor and the allocation of resources. Also, with correspondingly enhanced socioeconomic life chances for one’s white self and one’s white children.” It was not that life was particularly good for white workers.  Though that blacks faced additional challenges, from the denial of formal political rights to social exclusion and widespread, state-sanctioned violence.  By the time we reach the New Deal era, the racial differentiation of capitalist inequality was part of the pattern of American life, even in the midst of the Depression.

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