Using Microsoft Word, in 2 pages double-spaced in Times New Roman font, copy the following prompts and then detail out Questions 2-7 in complete paragraphs your answer for each under each question:


  1. Submit a one-sentence problem statement that you will defend in 855. The statement should include the name of the ministry/church and identify a problem. Example: “The problem I seek to resolve is that Main Street Baptist Church seems to lack a rigorous discipleship program.”  Your problem statement must begin with this phrase: The problem I seek to resolve is that…”
  2. Describe in detail the problem in your local ministry which you will try to resolve through this project. 
  3. What is the Micro-Project you have chosen? Defend why you believe it may help solve your Problem Statement.
  4. What is your cognate? Explain why you chose it.
  5. How does your choice of micro-project align with scripture? Give one specific example.
  6. What is your understanding of the course description and rationale as noted in the syllabus? 
  7. Explain what steps you will take to complete each of the Micro-Project phases on time?