Please select the term that best completes each of the following sentences.


If you’ve experienced groups that were close and loyal and groups that weren’t, you know how important    can be to group performance.


College students have a lot of opportunities for growth during college. You should focus on course performance, but you might also run for student government, play a sport, and join a social club. It’s easy for students like you to experience    .


In the new business development group at The Martin Agency, the vice president demands professionalism. If you want to work there, you’ll experience    because of this pressure.


Please select the best answer from the choices provided.


The programming team at Zynga has a low level of cohesiveness. What reason might explain this?


The group agrees on goals.


The group members like each other.


The group tends to compete with other groups in the company.


The team is large.




In most families, parents play the role of leader, and children play the role of follower. Thus, families have    .


You always strive to be a good student. But your accounting teacher wants you to attend the career fair even though it conflicts with your management class. Your management professor demands class participation. You are experiencing    .


Most people at The Martin Agency work a standard workday. They arrive by 9:00 AM and leave in the early evening. But the award-winning videographer on staff arrives sporadically. Everyone understands this    , because creativity doesn’t punch a time clock.


Please select the best answer from the choices provided.


The team tasked with monetizing games at Zynga has really performed well over the last two years and has a strong sense of cohesion. The team has been recognized at the company’s annual meetings for the last three years straight. Which factor has helped increase this team’s cohesion?




Large group size


Favorable evaluation


Intragroup competition


Members in your chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) disagree about whether to attend this year’s annual conference, creating conflict in the group.interpersonal conflict   like this is quite common in organizations.