The assignment talks about Task Switching Analysis. Besides, there is a description of The QALMRI experiment Review. So, describe the results of the primary measures of interest.

Task Switching Analysis – The QALMRI experiment Review

The QALMRI method provides a means for critically evaluating experiments, as well as for organizing your own experiment proposals. It helps you to find connections between theory and data by making explicit the question being asked, the approach used to answer it, and the implications of the answer. All research begins with a question, and the point of the research is to answer it. For example, we can ask whether a placebo is better than no action in alleviating depression. For most journal articles, the General Introduction should tell the reader what question the article is addressing, and why it is important enough that anyone should care about the answer. 

Task Switching Analysis – The QALMRI experiment Review

Questions fall into two categories: broad and specific. In your QALMRI, state both the broad and the specific questions being asked. Broad questions are typically too general to answer in a single experiment, although one should view the experiment as one step on a journey to answer the broad question. An example of a broad question might be “Does language influence perception?” This sort of question provides the general topic of the paper, and can only be answered through compiling many experimental results. In contrast, the specific question can typically be addressed in a single experiment or set of experiments. A specific question might be “If one language has a specific term for one color, and another language does not have any term for that color, will speakers of the two languages perceive the color differently? 

Task Switching Analysis – The QALMRI experiment Review

What was the outcome of the experiment? Describe the results of the primary measures of interest. For example, did different subject groups yield different group means? What were these means? Or did the entire subject population produce a distinctive pattern of responses? Describe that pattern. Did the results seem reliable, or do you feel they might have been an artifact of the way the experiment was conducted. 

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