Present and explain a) John Roemer’s view that unjust exploitation is based on a unjust unequal distribution of the means of production, and b) either his argument for the view that inheritance is one such unjust source, or his argument for the view that differential reward of entrepreneurial ability is an unjust source, or his argument for the view that the reward of risk propensity is an unjust source of unequal distribution. Raise an objection to the argument that you present. Discuss a response.

The paper should include 1) a clear exposition of the argument to be analysed, 2) a discussion of a good (on your view) objection to the argument, and 3) a discussion of a response to your good objection. If you have space, you can consider a counterresponse if you like.
Introductory paragraph: Tell the reader what the paper contains. Be specific – do not say “I am going to raise an objection to Locke’s argument.” Instead, say what the objection/reply is going to be. State your position clearly. Avoid the English-paper-style descent to the particular, e.g., “Philosophers have long pondered political justice. One of the most popular political theories is John Locke’s. Locke holds that….” To ensure that the introduction correctly describes the paper, write it last.

Exposition: Give a summary of the argument that you are going to analyze.

Objection: Be focused in your discussion of your objection. For example, do not include a list of the objections to the argument.

Response: In writing your response, make it as strong as possible. Consider, for example, what the objector might say in defense of the objection, and write your reply to try to defeat such a defense. Do not give a list of replies – give one and develop it.

Conclusion: Tell the reader what you have argued. Do not introduce new thoughts here.

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