The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: “Terror and Triumph 1940-1954”

  1. Give a short summary of the film’s key points and themes. What elements of the film did you find the most surprising?
  2. Analyze the film and discuss the following:

a. Why do you think the film is titled, “Terror and Triumph” and why was World War II a turning point in African American History?

b. How important were organizations to the struggle for equality by African Americans? Give an example of an organization and leader from the film that played a prominent role in the era leading to the Civil Rights Movement? Karenga’s discusses organizations in Chapter 4.

c. Did politics play a role in the film on decisions impacting African Americans in Mississippi, Georgia and in Virginia? Give an example.

  1. Discuss the role of youth and women in the film. Why do you think their participation was important? Do you see any similarities to movements of today? Explain.
  2. What role did racial violence and hostility towards African Americans play in the film during this period (1940-1954) prior to the start of the Civil Rights Movement?
  3. Tell me what YOU learned from viewing the film and what YOU think the filmmaker wants you to know. How is the history between 1940-1955 important and relevant to today? Explain.

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