The role of HR in creating sustainable organisations



Assessment task 2 requires the writing a business report. It should include a comprehensive analysis of the current situation using HRM theory, models and frameworks. Students are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature relating to human resource management, particularly in the areas of strategic HRM, employment relations, performance management and communication. The report should clearly explain various options available and analyse the consequences of those


The assessment item is based on the case study titled “The role of HR in creating sustainable organisations” (Pages 35-36 of the textbook): Human Resource Management in Australia (5th Ed.) by Kramar, Bartram, De Cieri, Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, McGraw-Hill Australia). Read, and carefully analyse the case to prepare a business report which addresses all of the following questions: 1. What course of action would you recommend to the CEO in the first hospital as a way to improve the operation of HRM at the hospital? 2. What are the key features of building sustainable HR capability?


Sample Solution

The paper emphasizes on how the first hospital needs modifications on its HRM to make its employees satisfied while performing their functions. The manner in which operations were taking place shows great differentiation compared to the second hospital. Through the procedures developed in this report, the management has developed improvement of HRM strategies that seek to address the asymmetries the hospital is currently experiencing.

            The use of evaluative and assessments models throughout the reported played tremendous role in discovering the relevant approached to improve the operations in the hospital. It was realized that the hospital was performing poorly compared to other organizations in the Australian medical market and the developed improvement strategies are likely to aid in restoring it back to its initial status. The implementation of assessment models ensured critical evaluation of various techniques as well situations finally leading to achievement of meaningful resolutions….

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