The significance of the UNCRC for children’s rights and inclusion in Scotland.

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(a) The UNCRC dwells on guiding principles including the provision, participation, and protection and forms the platform for the formation of articles. Further, they ensure that children’s voice, ideas, and contributions are considered and allowed to take part in life aspects respectively. The UNCRC ensures that the rights of the young people and the children are not disregarded.

(b) The inclusion of children as proposed by the UNCRC leads to different outcomes including diversified viewpoints from the young people and children which guides the decisions made. On the other hand, children have insufficient life experience thus some decisions have to be made on their behalf. Ethical dilemmas and issue arise based on the stability of the choices that children make. In addition, at times, children may need to be manipulated into making specific decisions, which could raise ethical concerns. However, their inclusion promotes a holistic view and handling of situations beforehand.

(c) The roles of leadership should be summarized by the desire to meet the needs of the children sustainable and making relevant decisions in relation to the issues they face daily. It should also ensure that the needs of the children are prioritized and handled efficiently. That also considers promoted research and study of the aspects that affect children on a daily basis with the aim of promoting their existence…

Click here to get a complete copy of this paper

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