The assignment discusses supervisor and manager. Also, there is a description of contemporary techniques for supervision. So,  define leadership styles, leadership traits, effective decision making.

The supervisor and manager-contemporary techniques for supervision

Textbooks Effective Police Supervision 8th edition. Larry S. Miller Police Administration (Tenth Edition) Gary W. Cordner. Firstly, prepare a ten-page paper on the supervisor and manager as an effective leader. Secondly, this includes, but not limited to comparing and contrasting the following issues relating to contemporary techniques for supervision, management. Additionally, leadership: principles of leadership, leadership styles, leadership traits, effective decision making, and motivation/ employee performance. Also, use the two textbooks as a source, along with at least two other credible sources, such as other books, articles, or journals. Links to access books:

The supervisor and manager-contemporary techniques for supervision

Additionally, we have already known from the foregoing discussion that supervision concerned with providing effective leadership through Cooperative working relations which is the democratic nature of supervision. This supervision is leadership oriented and contradicts the traditional inspection which bureaucratic and authoritative. It implies that in the modem supervision the supervisor plays his role as the leader of the group. For playing his role effectively, he should have to play his role with dynamic understanding and co-operative leadership attitude. He is supposed to be an expert and experienced person in this regard.

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