The Symbolism of Victorian Mansions as Haunted Houses

As highlighted in a discussion session, Victorian style mansions are a universal symbol
for everything included in the topic of paranormal activity. For several years Victorianism has
been the architectural face of Halloween and everything pertaining to “spookiness.” In fact, it is
safe to assume there is a visual of at least one Victorian mansion modeled as a haunted or
abandoned house in the majority of horror movies, especially those with historical backgrounds.
This topic is the most exciting to me as I have always had a passion for anything relating to
paranormal activity and more obviously, architecture and design in general. I have always valued
symbolism, so a topic that combines the symbolism of an architectural style and eeriness
completely grasped my attention.
This is a topic overflowing with historical context and charm. Therefore, I want to take a
historical approach in introducing Victorianism and lead into its journey of becoming a horror
icon. This topic provides ample opportunity to dive deep into the evolution of Victorianism while
also directing attention to the horror genre and how they overlap. This leads into the
subconscious psychological pairing of the two in the minds of most. The evolution of
cinematography plays a role as well as the industry began implementing Victorian architecture
into the horror/thriller genre.
D’Costa, Krystal. “Why Are Victorian Houses Haunted?” Scientific American Blog Network.
Scientific American, October 27, 2016.

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