State of the Art Review ( 1,200 -1,700 words total)

Title of Review Project:


Abstract: roughly 200 words or less total

State in your own words the main subject domain or gap in knowledge you seek to fill with your review.

State in your own words the problem statement or research question(s) which your review can help to support.

Name the body of previously published peer-reviewed publications you will read and refer to in this study (your Literature Review).

Name the field of practical intervention in Engineering in which you will engage in a Horizon Scan (eg: Mechanical Engineering applications in domain X, Biomedical Engineering applications in domain Y, Wearable Technology as applied to the uses of Engineering applications by and for specific user groups, Assistive Technology Solutions for specific user groups informed by Engineering innovations, Engineering Design, or another field as appropriate).

Literature Survey (roughly 700-1000 words)

Cite at least 5 peer-reviewed journal papers cited in Web of Knowledge/Science, at least one of which mush have been published since 2017- remembering that most of your literature references should be relatively recent and therefore reasonably up to date.

Name each publication in turn with full publication details, and summarise each in less than one full page of text.

Conclude this section with a discussion of the main points raised in the literature read/reviewed overall: what are the main trends, the main uses of different methodological approaches, or theoretical or practical use case frameworks employed by the various authors in this field?

Remember that as a researcher, you must not only mention the ideas of others or data/findings of others who came before you, but you must also engage in a critical way with the ideas you discuss and give a contextual account of which publications are cited frequently, for what reason, or of other considerations that help you to situate your own work in a critical context.

Include 2-3 images from relevant publications, citing the images appropriately with captions as per the assignment instructions. If there are infographics you can introduce here to help to make your case or give a clear snapshot of your project, then do please include them and be sure to label and date them clearly.

Part 2: Horizon Scan (roughly 400 words)

In this part, name and discuss the main practical projects that have been conducted in your field: other researchers who have engaged in similar kinds of studies in recent years, and their approaches and findings.

Here you might draw upon Patents filed in your field, Lists of Conference topics in major conferences in your field, Industry newsletters or events or relevant product announcements, or important industry collaborations with universities that have been written up online.

This is your chance to describe work that really inspires you and that has begun to solve the problem or fill the knowledge gap you want to address.

Include 1-2 images from a relevant project, citing the images with appropriate captioning.

Part 3: State of the Art Summary (roughly 100 words)

Summarise your findings briefly, making a concise clear statement of the state of the art in your field of inquiry.

Be sure that in ALL part of this assignment your own critical voice is clearly present and engaging with the ideas in as much depth as possible: not just citing and quoting, but entering into discussion with the authors/engineers you cite.

The use of hyperspectral imaging to monitor fruit dehydration