This assignment CANNOT be started UNTIL you see the assigned, live production on the Washington Street Campus of Amarillo College (OR, if you’ve already spoken well-in-advance with me to arrange a local live theatre production if you live too far from Amarillo, UNTIL you’ve seen that live production).  Once you’ve seen the live production, then, you can proceed with… 
First and foremost, the critique that you will submit this semester is to be objective, personal observations about the production that you experienced.  

1) After seeing the show, compose, at least, a FULL two (2) page–that means top-to-bottom on both pages–critique using Microsoft Word if possible.  If not, please save your file in a Rich Text Format (.rtf) or as a Portable Document Format (.pdf)–most word processing programs can do this.  PLEASE NOTE: I am unable to read Microsoft Works, Apple Pages, OR Corel Word Perfect if the files are not saved as .RTF’s or .PDF’s. 

2) Margins may not exceed 1" from top or bottom nor exceed 1" from left or right. 

3) The font should be a normal-sized font like Times or Arial and should have a maximum size of 12 points. 

4) Make sure your name and title are included at the top of the page, but both should not exceed 1" from the top of the page. 

5) Single space.  Please do not make the spacing any larger to ‘fill’ the page… 

6) DO NOT RETELL THE STORY. I am already familiar with that information. Simply tell me what you like or disliked about each element of the production. 

7) Cover the major issues: Acting (in particular), directorial concept, scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, props, etc.—the items that you have read about in your text.  PLEASE do not confuse ‘scenery’ and ‘properties’–they are different design elements. 

8) I would like you to make a short statement of the value of this production to the community.  "Value" can refer to the production’s  "appropriateness," "societal advancement," and/or "cultural information."  "Community" may refer to the local Panhandle region, the city of Amarillo, and/or the campus(es) of Amarillo College. 

9) Please use individual paragraphs to discuss each of the aforementioned issues; you would be surprised how many critiques I receive that are one continuous paragraph.  Granted, I am not teaching Freshman Comp, but I do expect some semblance of the English language.  Also, please use EITHER ‘indentation’ OR ‘double-spacing’ to separate your paragraphs—NOT BOTH.
10) Limit your criticism of the playwright’s work. You may make a few comments regarding the structure or theme, but do not let that subject override the other major issues. 

11) If this is a "first-time" for you, talk about the experience and how it affected you, BUT limit that discussion to a couple of short sentences. 

12) When you like or dislike a particular element of the show, be sure to tell me why and cite specifics from the production. Please do not make generalizations. 

13) Finally, be frank. Your opinions show me that you have experienced art. Regardless of whether or not you liked something or someone, the company will not be allowed to read these critiques, so be honest. These critiques help to expand your understanding of our culture and the world around us, so have fun with this project–it is, in my opinion, the most important assignment that I will give you this semester.