Choose ONE of the following questions below and write a clear, organized argument of approximately 700 words (see syllabus for format for out-of-class essays).  Make sure your thesis statement clearly and explicitly sets out the argument your paper will follow. 

 Discuss specific examples from the text to support and develop your points as clearly and effectively as possible.  Make sure all evidence is analyzed in terms of its significance to your thesis statement.  If the evidence does not support your overall argument, the evidence should not be used in your paper. 

Reminder:  Choose your best examples to make your points and analyze ONE character’s acts of violence in either film.  Do NOT analyze more than ONE character’s use of violence in your essay. 

Discuss whether horror legitimizes and/or valorizes acts of violence in Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods.


 Discuss whether horror legitimizes and/or valorizes acts of violence in Marshall’s The Descent. 

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