The assignment describes Theoretical Application and Empirical Approach. In addition, there is a description of Deterrent Strategy for Future Hackers. So, explain why someone would choose computer hacking.

Theoretical Application and Empirical Approach -Deterrent Strategy for Future Hackers

Minimum three pages (double-spaced, 12, pt, APA Style)Watch the videos entitled Hackers and Rise of the Hackers. Firstly, choose three theories (at one micro-level, one macro-level theory, and Routine Activities Theory as a mid-level theory), Secondly, explain why someone would choose computer hacking. Also, use examples from these films to help demonstrate these concepts. Additionally, develop a deterrent strategy for future hackers reflecting your theoretical perspectives. Also, the developments in ICT and the improvements of state’s power particularly in the economic, political. Additionally, military fields have made cyber space (cyber domain) critical in combination with physically and virtually valuable assets as given in Figure 1. The cyber space is being referred to as the 5th operational domain after the operation (warfighting) domains of land, sea, air, and space.

Theoretical Application and Empirical Approach – Deterrent Strategy for Future Hackers

This paper presents a new national cyber security strategy (NCSS) covering the deterrence perspective from creation to implementation. With the aim of responding to and ensuring cyber security effectively, studies on which pathways should be followed and what methods should be used to develop, create, and implement a NCSS are being conducted in Turkey, as in all countries.


Rise of Hackers:

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