The assignment describes Theoretical Ethical Basis of Practice. Additionally, there is an Analysis of Grand Nursing Theory. So,

Theoretical Ethical Basis of Practice – Grand Nursing Theory Analysis

Firstly, my POI is based on Advance directive or End of life care.This is an 8 to 9-page paper with reference which should include grand nursing theory, middle range nursing theory, complexity science, and ethical framework.This should be related to the POI end of life or advance directive. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RUBRIC ATTACHED AND THE READING MATERIAL. APA 7TH ED. I have included a file for the advance directive POI paper. Please follow the rubric to do the paper. I have also attached the reading required for this assignment where it has two theories for the grand nursing where you can select any one NOT both just any one and do based on that and the middle range theory must also match with the grand theory as well both of which I have included the reading.

Theoretical Ethical Basis of Practice – Grand Nursing Theory Analysis

Again, please follow the rubric closely and reading material as well to do the assignment. Rubric will be attached. POI is advance directive or End of life care. Again, It is very important that the middle range theory you select works well with the Grand Nursing theory you have chosen. You want these two theories to work together to give you a fuller understanding of the patient situation, environment, or problem you are encountering. More instruction included in the instruction file.

Detailed Instructions


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