This COUN 339 Theories of Counseling assignment entails cognitive Behavior Therapy. So, describe Meichenbaum’s three-phase process of behavior change.

COUN 339 Theories of Counseling- cognitive Behavior Therapy                                                                        
Theory: Cognitive Behavior Therapy                                      Date:

Do not let your responses to each of these questions be guided. Or limited by the space between each item below. So, the space for your answer will automatically expand to accept more narrative. I am looking for no fewer than 2,500 words (including those already on the page) for this Theory Analysis paper including.  evidence that you know and understand the theory. One word or even one or two sentence answers will not be adequate to answer these questions.Through the CBT process, patients examine these thoughts. And,  are encouraged to look at evidence from reality that either supports or refutes these thoughts. Also,  by doing this, people are able to take a more objective. And realistic look at the thoughts that contribute to their feelings of anxiety and depression.

  Firstly, identify common attributes shared by all cognitive behavior approaches.   

COUN 339 Theories of Counseling- cognitive Behavior Therapy 


Secondly, describe how the A-B-C model is a way of understanding the interaction among feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

   Thirdly, Describe how cognitive methods can be applied to change thinking and behavior.

  Fourthly,  Describe the unique contributions of Aaron Beck to the development of cognitive therapy.

   Fifth, describe the basic principles of cognitive therapy.



      Sixth describe the basic principles of strengths-based CBT.



   Seventh, describe Meichenbaum’s three-phase process of behavior change.


   Eighth, Identify the strengths and limitations of cognitive-behavior therapy from a multicultural perspective.


  Nineth, differentiate REBT from CT with respect to how faulty beliefs are explored in therapy.

Detailed Instructions


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