For this homework assignment, you will prepare your thesis for Paper 2. Remember that thesis building is an iterative process, meaning one of trial and error, so you probably will need to work through a few different versions of your thesis statement.
Write your thesis statement out in full. Pay attention to wording, grammar, syntax, and punctuation.  Short story titles are always placed within quotation marks. Authors are referred to by their full names at first mention, and may be referred to by last name thereafter.
Paraphrase your claim and three warrants. You do not need to place them into a graphic, but please label and list each one.
Claim =
Warrant 1 = 
Warrant 2 = 
Warrant 3 = 
Sample thesis structure:
[Story X] by

helps us to understand [theme/issue Y] by promoting empathy through [warrant 1], [warrant 2], and [warrant 3]

Sample thesis statement:
The conflicts between male and female characters in Susan Glaspell’s story “A Jury of Her Peers” help readers have more empathy for the oppression of women through the depiction of Mrs. Wright’s marriage, the women’s roles, and the inequality between men and women in the story.