The assignment discusses Human Diversity Review. Also, there is a description of Thesis-controlled Response Essay. So, diversity is the core of either peace or war.

Human Diversity Review – Thesis-controlled Response Essay

Firstly, I believe in human diversity because it’s one way to keep the world fair. Secondly, upon saying that it feels like I have some super powers to protect those that face the unfairness of discrimination each day of their lives. Also, I just believe in Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi’s words: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” So, since we not in charge of creation, the least we can do harmonize with God’s creations. Besides, I personally believe that human diversity the core of either peace or war. As a natural peacemaker. I think the best way to make peace and cease war to base some of my beliefs on diversity. This way I am able to see well instead of bad in different colors. Different dreams, and different ways and nearly different everything.

Human Diversity Review – Thesis-controlled Response Essay

The main things that causing problems were ignored. Now they living in harmony with one another and all the rain ceased with no resentful hearts. As an individual, I lived with many different people, but if I not believing in human diversity, I would not where I am right now. Having grown up from a country influenced by colonialists and which suffered a lot in the 1994 genocide. Nothing stopped me to see people as humanity and love them for who they. There a high chance for me to hate every one with a white color, but I was taught how to forgive and forget.

Human Diversity Review – Thesis-controlled Response Essay

My parents always advised me not to live in vengeance or discrimination because I do not know where I may end up. As the scriptures tell us everything happens for a purpose. So, this why we were lucky to serve as an example to the world on how animosity in a nation may result into a big extermination, but with the opportunity for forgiveness. Proud to Rwandese, healed from all the wounds caused by discrimination, I believe in human diversity with a positive attitude.

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