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Rubric for Final Project

Criteria Level of Achievement

Content Excellent

(16-20 pts)


(12-16 pts)


(8-12 pt)

1.Content & Details

The business plan was presented in great detail and thoroughly explained in each section.

The business plan was generally presented in detail and explained in each section.

The business plan was presented in detail in some sections.

2.Ideas & Creativity

The business plan was highly innovative and provided clear implementation plan with supportive evidence.

The business plan was innovative and provided implementation plan.

The business plan was not clear without much detail of the implementation plan.

Written Communication


(7-8 pts)


(5-6 pts)


(3-4 pt)

1. Organization Written work is well organizedand easy to understand. Sections of the plan are markedwith appropriate headings. Tables and charts are appropriately used and easy to understand, and contribute to the ease of understanding financial assumptions and calculations.

The organization is generally good, but some sections seem outof place or are missing.Tables and charts are included, but are difficult to understand (e.g., poorly labeled).

The plan is disorganized to the extent that it prevents understanding the content. There are no headings. Financial assumptions are missing, inconsistent.

2. Writing Style The plan has a writing style that is uniform throughout the paper and appropriate for this type of written project. There are no inconsistencies in font or font size.

The writing style lacks uniformity at times andis not always appropriate for a marketing plan. There is some indication of issues with changing font or inconsistent font size.

Plan is clearly plagued by inconsistent use of fonts, font sizing and generally messed up formatting in the writing.

3. Grammar, Spelling, and Formatting

The plan has been thoroughly spell-checked and proofread. There are no to almost none grammatical or spelling errors. There are no formatting errors.

There are a few spelling and/or grammatical errors. There are one to three formatting errors.

There are frequent misspelled words, serious grammatical errors, and formatting errors, indicating that time was not taken to spell-check and proofread.

4. References Material used in the writing of the chapter taken from externalsources is appropriately referenced both within the document and on a reference page.

Some material taken from external sources is not referenced, eitherin the text or on a reference page.

No references in the text or on a reference page are provided, although it is obvious that material from external sources has been used.

5. Consistency with Excel template – in Ch. 4

Overall, the written communication of the financialassumptions provides a thorough overview of the Excelspreadsheet and numbers match in all areas.

Many aspects of the chapter convey a sense of financial assumptions but there are some written communication problems and/or problems with numbersand there are areas where the chapter does not match the Excel spreadsheet.

The chapter lacks any sense of professionalism and does not match the Excel spreadsheet in major ways resulting inlack of information to judge financial statements or business viability.