Compare and contrast a strong (project) matrix with a weak (functional) matrix. Give examples of projects that would be suited to each organizational structure. 



2.    List advantages and disadvantages of functional, projectized, and matrix forms of organization. 


3.    When thinking about co-location, why can it be useful? Can you gain the same benefits with some members working from home some of the time? 


4.    What are organizational values, and why should a project manager be aware of them?

Think about organizations you have worked in, do the values expressed formally in company documentation match those followed by the staff? 


5.    List and describe four different types of corporate culture. If you were working in a small team to get a project with a short time frame done, which type of corporate culture would work best?


6.     When thinking about a project there are three different groups the project manager and sponsor need to act in the best interest of, what groups are they? 


7.     To adhere to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, it is important that project managers demonstrate four behaviors, what are they? Give examples where the PM needs to show these behaviors.