Participate in a time management self-evaluation. 

 The goal is to track activities and time spent on each one for one day.

 You may use a free app on your smart device, a calendar template, an Excel spreadsheet, or another program.

 You may even take simple handwritten notes to complete the discussion entry.


As part of this assignment, evaluate your current use of your time and consider what changes you may need to make. Did you take too long getting ready in the morning?

 Do you feel that you should wake a little earlier to start your day?

 Perhaps reduce the number of hours spent on entertainment such as television shows?

 Numerous activities take your time throughout the day, which you may not even realize.


What you are required to write is a discussion post that addresses the following prompts:


Consider your time in the program, and then provide an example of what works and what does not in your current time management practices.

Identify times in the past when you struggled with time management.

 Explain how you resolved the situation.

Consider successful time management stories from your past, and then identify at least three changes you would

 like to make to your current time management practices.

 For each of the three changes, identify if they are first-order changes or second-order changes with an explanation as to how you arrived at this conclusion.

Length: 250-500 words