Research Question: To what extent does the lack of understanding of human reproduction surrounding birth control and abortion 

Things you need in your proposal
– Working Thesis

Your research should not begin with you thinking you already know the answer to your question.
Still, you may have some ideas about what you will find during your research. Write up your
ideas as a hypothesis you will test with your research.

– Statement of Significance

Your statement of significance should address the following questions: Why should anyone care
about this question or topic? What is its importance?

– Known Information

Your existing knowledge provides a baseline for you and your instructor. This section may
include experiential knowledge that has compelled you to pursue your chosen issue and any
material that has been read in class. Use your textbook or knowledge from other classes to help
in this section.

-Need to Know

This section should identify areas in which you will need to do more reading and research. This
section should also include a key terms and phrases chart which will act as a guide for
researching online databases.

-Perspective (Method)

This section should address what angle you will approach your research from, which databases
you use to obtain your information, and the types of sources your research will include.

Guidelines for proposal:
Proposal must be approximately 500-600 words. Proposal must have section headings for each section. Proposal must be 12pt. Times New Roman, 1in.  margins, double-spaced throughout.