Classroom Case Study


>1.  Search Inclusive classrooms to get important information. Don’t forget to use your textbook.


Go to You Tube and search Videos->Education>Special Education>”Teaching Students with Special Needs in Inclusive Classrooms” and other Inclusive classrooms videos.  Watch several Elementary Classroom Videos to determine what “inclusion” really means.  


Write about the necessary components in such a classroom and include in your discussion the following:  Team Teaching  Collaboration  Modifications  Differentiation of Instruction      technology    Seating arrangements by students      Learning styles Describe the environment. Where are the bookshelves, the windows, the boards?? Do the students sit in clusters? Be as specific as possible.


> 2. Write a detailed description about the classroom. How is learning encouragedamong students? How does the special ed teacher and the general ed teacher work together and share responsibilities? When are the special needs students “pulled out” and for what subjects? Describe the advantages and the Disadvantages, if any.Discuss a sense of community and ownership among the students. How is this established? Are there rules? is there a behavior management system needed? How are the students graded and assessed? What types of instruction and interaction occurs?  Cooperative learning?  small groups?? Station Teaching? Any Large Group Instruction and for what  Subjects? What are the challenges involved in Differentiation of Instruction? Pretend it is a class that you visited and list the pros and cons (if any)


>3. Draw out a Layout Plan of this ideal learning environment


Remember that this is a paper and should be constructed as such except for the layout plan.


Please include the following:


first what is an inclusive classroom?


Secondly, Include your ideas for a successful learning environment, including curriculum examples. And lastly is your conclusion. The case studies are usually 5  pages and don’t forget a layout plan.