Critique and Comparative review of two health care systems ad recommend further health sector reform. Part 2, Critique of health needs assessment and discussion of relevant strategic way forward to address health challenges

The childhood stigma of being obese can be socially unaccepted and therefore needs to be intervened. From a public health perspective, it is of utmost importance that a needs-based assessment is done for the intervention program to start immediately. The sample of the study for this assessment is from London, United Kingdom. So, the chosen locality is from Lambeth, also known as the London Borough of Lambeth. Lambeth is located in South London. The city of Lambeth is situated southward of Thames River. It is not a historical place but is known for its closely-knit community. It has approximately just over 340.000 population. According to the census and statistics of the official page, there are about 67,900 children and youth currently residing there. (REFERENCE)

Additionally, 83% are between the ages of 0 to 16. The composition of the gender is 49% female, and the male comprises 51%. Among others, Lambeth experiences around 4,950 births per year. (REFERENCE). However, mortality rates per year stand at 391 deaths out of 100,000. The life expectancy of an average male in Lambeth is 78 years, while the average female lives for approximately 83 years. Although English is the official language spoken in Lambeth, some foreign languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, and Somali are among the four popular languages (REFERENCE). London itself has a 99% literacy rate, whereas due to limited sources literacy rate of Lambeth could not be ascertained (REFERENCE).

Lambeth is formed by a mix of Black Caribbean, Eritrean, Polish, LGBT, Portuguese, Somali, and Transgender, which are the common communities currently living in the locality. The Black Caribbean are the highest population living there. Lambeth is composed of 21 wards and is ruled by three elected representatives (REFERENCE). The London Councils demographics have listed Lambeth to have a higher percentage of homelessness and child poverty compared to other areas of London. For a higher number of homeless and child poverty areas, bigger is the risk for infectious disease. The other factor for the spread of communicable diseases is population density. The fact sheet of Lambeth has listed about 12,000 people per squarekilometre.

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