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Organizational Change Project (75 points total): Analyze an organizational change (based on personal experience) in context with the course concepts you are learning through course assigned readings. Choose an example of an organizational change that you are familiar with and have experienced (or are soon to experience in case the change is happening now). Most questions you may have should be answered by fully reviewing this document. However, if you need assistance after fully reviewing assignment details, contact me, I am happy to help you (but, be sure to fully review all assignment details first). Examples of organizational change: • Example 1: Let’s say I worked at a swimming pool in the summer as a lifeguard when I was 17 years old. Imagine that the swimming pool came under new ownership that same summer and everything about the pool was changed (i.e. some lifeguards were let go, meaning I had to work longer hours at the same pay grade; I had to work on Sundays and I never worked on Sundays before; and my new boss makes me meet with him/her every day at 6:00 am with a written update on what happened the day before). Needless to say, I am not happy about the changes. The new owners told us (lifeguards) they implemented these changes because it will make our swimming pool more effective and profitable. This is the situation that I would draw on as I complete the Organizational Change Project. • Example 2: If your organizational change experience happened at the restaurant you worked at after your freshman year of college or at any previous or current job, then you would focus on that organization and experience as you complete your Organizational Change Project. • Complete the assignment keeping the organization and the change experience in mind. This will make more sense as you read the section detail and critical thinking questions provided to guide you in providing detail in your written product. If you include that detail with cited connections to course content, you should be just fine! • Be as creative and open as possible in this assignment. Paper Format Requirements: A “Template” document is provided in Canvas to guide you in meeting the following Organizational Change Project paper format expectations: • Cover Page: Title, Course #/Name, Semester/Year, My Name, Your Name, & NKU Username • Length: Approximately 8 pages (no less than 7 pages, no more than 10 pages). • Font Options: Calibri 12 pt., Arial 10 pt., or Times New Roman 12 pt. font • Paragraph Settings: double spaced, first line of each paragraph indented, no additional space before or after paragraphs (double space only) • Headings/Subheadings to define each section (these are critical for organization and readabililty) (The “Template” provides heading examples) • APA in-text citation format for (at minimum) eight (8) in-text citations from the course text / PPTs and additional sources (course text is a required source). For this paper, include page #s with all citations (even if not directly quoting material). • Reference page in APA format (paragraphs settings double spaced with hanging indent) o Course text is a required resource o Note: Tips on citations and reference page are included in the Org Change Proj Template document. Staggered Assignment & Using Feedback: You will complete this assignment in “chunks”, using a “staggered” approach. Staggered assignments are split into sections that must be submitted according to course deadlines. The staggered approach “chunks” the assignment, allowing you to manage your time and receive valuable feedback on Submission A before finalizing and submitting the complete assignment. See course schedule (Syllabus) and/or Canvas for specific submission due dates. Don’t wait for Submission A instructor feedback before continuing to write your paper! It can take one-to-two weeks to receive feedback on Submission A depending on class size (it takes time to review such individualized assignments and provide detailed feedback). Continue drafting the remaining portions of your paper during that time. When received, incorporate the Submission A feedback. Edit Parts 1 & 2 based on instructor comments; use the same feedback to guide you in reviewing and editing your overall paper (Parts 1-6) before your final submission. Submission Breakdown: Submission A: (30 points) • Part 1: Introduction (approx. 1 page) • Part 2: Understanding Need and Vision for Change (approx. 2 pages) • Note: Include Cover & Reference Page in Submission A (not included in page count) Submission B: (40 Points) • Parts 1 & 2 (revised following feedback) along with the following: • Part 3: Understanding Power and Culture (approx. 2 pages) • Part 4: Disruption of Psychological Contract (approx. 1 page) • Part 5: Your Tolerance for and Reaction to Change (approx. 1 page) • Part 6: Conclusion Reflection (1 page minimum; 2 pages maximum) • Note: Include Cover & Reference Page in Submission B (not included in page count)

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