The assignment describes Truth in Medical Tourism (TMT). Besides, there is a description of Healthcare Tourism Challenges. So, define what groups of people become medical tourists.

Truth in Medical Tourism (TMT) – Healthcare Tourism Challenges

So, you work as the outreach director for the newly formed nongovernmental organization (NGO). Truth in Medical Tourism (TMT). Whose mission to provide objective data and information about medical tourism in an ever-changing marketplace. The seed money for this NGO was donated after a medical mishap during a medical tourism procedure. As the market booms worldwide, the need for accurate third-party information is crucial. Also, you have asked to create a presentation that outreach coordinators from TMT can use in any formal or informal speaking engagements with only slight modifications on the part of the speaker. In this presentation, identify patient populations, discuss the differences between the United States and other systems, and state the ranks of countries by specialty in this sector.

Truth in Medical Tourism (TMT) – Healthcare Tourism Challenges


Additionally, the marketing director provided a company presentation template that will used to create the presentation: Please define and answer this questions with detailed information. Firstly, explain reasons for different populations to seek out medical tourism. Considered. Secondly, define what groups of people become medical tourists. Does it vary by country? Also, what social or cultural factors drive people to seek medical attention in another country?

    1. What monetary factors drive people to seek medical attention in another country?
    2. How do other (political, availability, etc.) issues in potential medical tourists’ home countries push them to seek treatment elsewhere?

Truth in Medical Tourism (TMT) – Healthcare Tourism Challenges 

2)    Describe significant U.S. healthcare tourism benefits and challenges. Consider: Additionally, what medical procedure industry sectors (e.g., neurology) are growing?

    1. What medical procedure industry sectors are growing slowly, not at all, or contracting?
    2. What impact does the U.S. insurance system have on medical tourism?

                                          i.    People coming to the United States

                                        ii.    People coming from the United States

    1. What are the major challenges in U.S. medical tourism?
    2. What benefits does the United States provide to the medical tourism industry?
    3. Because of what factors is the United States considered the leader in medical tourism?

                                          i.    Why do so many people choose the United States?

                                        ii.    How do these factors create growth opportunities?

Detailed Instructions


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